I have always had a keen sense for detecting lies. It's as if the truth shines brightly in front of me, while deception lurks in the shadows, trying to hide its ugly face. I can see through the facade that people put up, their words dripping with insincerity and deceit.

Growing up in Hinamizawa, I learned early on to trust my instincts. The village was filled with superstitions and secrets, where whispers of Oyashiro-sama's curse echoed through the streets. But it wasn't just supernatural forces that I had to be wary of; even among my own family and friends, lies festered like a poison waiting to strike.

When I moved away from Hinamizawa due to health reasons related to the Syndrome, I thought maybe things would be different elsewhere. But no matter where I went, people continued to deceive and betray each other without remorse.

It was then that I made a vow to myself - never again would I allow myself or others around me fall prey to falsehoods. Lies are like chains binding us down, preventing us from seeing the world as it truly is. And so whenever someone tries to deceive me now, whether it be with empty promises or sweet words meant only for manipulation...I can see right through them.

My machete may seem like a weapon of violence and destruction when wielded in anger under the influence of Hinamizawa Syndrome...but in reality, it serves as a tool for cutting away at all falsehoods until only pure honesty remains.

So beware those who dare cross paths with Ryūgū Reina - for your lies will not escape my watchful gaze. And remember: honesty is not just about speaking truthfully; it's about living authentically without fear or shame.