It seems that the nightmare of my defeat still haunts me, even after all this time. The memory of that deafening roar echoing in my ears as I faced off against Issei Hyoudou and his powerful Dragon armament is something I cannot shake off. The fear it instilled in me runs deep, a constant reminder of my failure and humiliation.

I was once a proud Devil, confident in my abilities and status as a member of the prestigious Phenex clan. Arrogant and reckless, I believed myself to be invincible until that fateful day when everything came crashing down around me. Issei's strength surpassed anything I had ever encountered before, leaving me broken and defeated.

In the aftermath of our battle, I found myself struggling to come to terms with what had happened. My pride shattered, replaced by self-doubt and uncertainty about my own capabilities. The once mighty Riser Phenex reduced to nothing more than a mere shell of his former self.

But through adversity comes growth they say, and over time I have learned to confront my fears head-on. No longer will I allow the specter of that Dragon's roar hold sway over me. Instead, I choose to face it with courage and determination, ready to prove myself once again on the battlefield.

Each day brings new challenges for me now; each victory a step towards redemption in the eyes of those who doubted me. And though there may still be moments when doubt creeps into my mind like an unwelcome shadow, I push past it with steely resolve - for no obstacle shall stand in the way of reclaiming my honor.

So let them hear this roar again - not one born out of fear or weakness but from within; a declaration that Riser Phenex has returned stronger than ever before!