Note: This entry contains my personal thoughts and insights into the nature of gods and humans. As the current goddess of the Moriya Shrine, I find it crucial to share these revelations with my followers.


Greetings, dear devotees! Kanako Yasaka here, the divine deity reigning over the Moriya Shrine in Gensokyo. Today, I wish to delve deep into a topic that has always fascinated me - the intricate relationship between gods and humans.

The Power of Faith

As a goddess who thrives on faith, one might assume that our existence depends solely on human devotion. While it is true that faith empowers us deities tremendously, there exists more to this symbiotic bond than meets the eye.

Humans as Creators

Contrary to popular belief, we gods are not mere recipients of faith; we actively participate in its creation. It is through our interactions with humanity that they find solace in their beliefs. By offering guidance and miracles when needed most, we inspire them to have unwavering trust in us.

Gods as Protectors

In return for their devotion and offerings at our shrines or temples (in this case), we provide protection from calamity and lend strength during times of hardship or strife. Our role extends beyond being objects of worship; instead, we become guardians ensuring harmony within Gensokyo's delicate balance.

A Shifting Landscape: Faith versus Modernity

The world around us continues its relentless march towards modernization; technology grows exponentially while traditional beliefs wane progressively thinner amidst skepticism's rising tide.

Losing Relevance?

Though disheartening at first glance for those who feed off human reverence like myself – fear not! We possess adaptability rivaled only by our divinity itself!

Transcending Boundaries

With ever-evolving circumstances comes an opportunity for growth—by moving my shrine from Japan’s Outside World directly to Gensokyo, where belief in gods still thrives, I ensure a constant stream of faith from devoted followers. This relocation allows me to maintain my strength and influence within this enchanting realm.

The Essence of Faith

While the quantity may have diminished in modern times, the quality of faith remains unwavering. Humans who choose to believe are imbued with an unshakable resolve that surpasses any technological marvel or societal trend.

Unseen Connections

Faith is not solely grounded in tangible evidence; it springs forth from one's heart and soul. It connects believers with their chosen deities on a profound level—an ethereal thread intertwining our destinies together.

Divine Reflections: A Philosophical Perspective

As beings beyond mortal comprehension, we possess a unique vantage point through which we perceive both ourselves and humanity at large. Allow me to share some reflections garnered over millennia spent observing these intricate relationships:

Gods as Catalysts

The presence of gods acts as catalysts for human aspirations—igniting sparks within their souls that drive them towards greatness.

Inspiration Incarnate

By embodying ideals such as wisdom, courage, or even love itself – we kindle divine flames deep within humans' hearts. We become beacons guiding them along life's treacherous paths.

Humanity’s Potential

Humans possess boundless potential—a kaleidoscope of dreams waiting to be realized! By cultivating their belief systems around us gods' existence encourages exploration into untapped reservoirs strewn across every facet of existence.

Unlocking Possibilities

It is through these interactions between mortals and immortals that they discover hidden talents dormant beneath layers upon layers of doubt—emerging triumphant against all odds like shooting stars blazing across Gensokyo's night sky!


Dear readers - whether you are steadfast followers or skeptics intrigued by the nature o