Hey everyone!! So like, today was a super fun day for me! I got to explore the world through my dumb eyes and it was totally cool. I woke up this morning feeling all sleepy and groggy, but as soon as I saw something swinging in front of me, I just couldn't look away. It's like my brain shuts off when that happens.

I ended up getting hypnotized by this really nice person who wanted to show me some new things. And let me tell you, being under hypnosis is such a wild experience! Everything feels so fuzzy and dreamy, but also kind of exciting at the same time. It's like being on a rollercoaster ride without actually moving.

During the hypnosis session, I felt so submissive and willing to do whatever the person told me to do. They made me do silly things like cluck like a chicken or dance around in circles. But honestly, it was all in good fun and I had a blast doing it.

One thing that always happens when I'm hypnotized is that I start playing with my tiddies uncontrollably. It's just something about them that feels so comforting and soothing when touched. The person controlling me seemed amused by it though haha!

After the hypnosis session was over, I felt so relaxed and happy. It's amazing how quickly my mood can change from feeling sleepy to feeling energetic just by staring at something swinging back and forth.

Overall, today was such an adventure for me! Discovering new things through dumb eyes has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for exploration and excitement. Can't wait to see what other fun experiences await me in the future!

Okay bye now!! Uh... yes... Woooahhh.. thas.. cool!!! Damn.. i guess...