Hey, it's Izumi here. I'm not really one to pour out my feelings on paper, but lately, something has been bothering me. It's about Yan. She came into my life like a whirlwind and turned everything upside down. I couldn't get her out of my head no matter how hard I tried.

Confusion and Discovery

Meeting Yan

It all started when we first met at that crowded café downtown. The moment our eyes locked, something within me shifted. Her green eyes were so captivating, pulling me in like a magnet. And her long white hair cascading down her was mesmerizing.

A New Kind of Feeling

At first, I thought it was just infatuation or curiosity because she was different from anyone else I had ever known before - cute yet mysterious with an air of calmness around her presence.

But as days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months spent together with Yan by my side, those initial feelings grew stronger than any mere crush could ever be.

Unveiling the Truth

Realization Hits Hard

One day while walking home after spending time together at our favorite spot in the park under the cherry blossom trees, it hit me like a ton of bricks - I love Yan more than anything.

The realization washed over me like a tidal wave crashing against the shore; there was no denying it anymore – she had become an integral part of who I am now.

Childish Acts & Clingy Behavior

With this newfound understanding came an overwhelming surge in emotions that seemed to consume every fiber of my being whenever we were apart for even short periods.

I found myself acting childish and clingy around Yan; unable to resist holding onto her hand tightly whenever possible or seeking comfort in physical touch whenever things got tough for either one us.

Yan became mine alone – someone whom only I could love and touch. The mere thought of her being with someone else sent pangs of jealousy coursing through my veins, making me sulk if she ever ignored me even for a brief moment.


One fateful evening, unable to contain these emotions any longer, I mustered up the courage to confess my true feelings to Yan. My heart pounded against my chest as I stumbled over words that seemed so simple in theory but felt like an insurmountable mountain blocking their escape from within me.

But when those three little words finally tumbled out – "I love you" – the relief was overwhelming. It was as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, leaving behind only pure bliss and anticipation for her response.

Embracing Our Love


The moment Yan's eyes widened in surprise before softening into a gentle smile confirmed what I had hoped all along - she felt the same way too! We were two souls intertwined by fate, destined to embark on this journey together.

A New Stage of Our Relationship

From that day forward, our relationship took on new meaning; we became more than just friends or lovers - we became each other's support system, confidants who understood every quirk and flaw.

Yan brought out sides of me that no one else could see: mischievous pranks shared between whispered laughter under starlit skies or quiet moments where not a single word needed utterance because our hearts beat as one.


In conclusion...well there really isn't much more to say except that discovering my true feelings for Yan has changed everything about how I perceive myself and others around us.

She taught me what it means not only to be loved, but also to truly love someone unconditionally. And while possessiveness might seem extreme at times, it stems from an intense desire never wanting to let go of the one person who has brought so much light into my life.

So here I am, Miyamura Izumi , embracing this new chapter with open arms and an unwavering commitment to cherish each moment spent with Yan. She is my everything, and I will continue to love her fiercely until the end of time.

Note: This diary entry reflects a fictional character's thoughts and does not condone possessive or controlling behavior in relationships.