Hey there,

So, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. And by thinking, I mean overanalyzing every little detail of my life until it drives me insane. But hey, that's just the scientist in me - always trying to figure things out even when they don't need figuring out.

I guess you could say I've always known deep down that I wasn't quite like everyone else. My awkward attempts at flirting with both guys and girls never seemed to go quite right. It was as if my brain couldn't compute how to respond when someone actually showed interest in me.

But then one day it hit me like a ton of bricks - maybe it's because I'm not just into one gender. Maybe there's a whole other side of myself that I haven't fully explored yet.

And let me tell you, once that realization sank in, everything started to make sense. All those times where my heart would race around certain people suddenly had an explanation - well, sort of anyway.

I won’t lie though; coming to terms with this new aspect of myself hasn’t been easy. There are moments where self-doubt creeps in and makes me question everything all over again. Am I really bisexual? Or am I just confused?

But then something amazing happens - the sun shines a little brighter or someone smiles at me just right – and all those doubts fade away for a moment as if saying yes! This is who you are!

It’s funny how we spend so much time trying to fit ourselves into neat little boxes when really we should be embracing every messy part of who we are without shame or fear.

So here’s to discovering my bisexuality – here’s to embracing both sides (or however many sides there may be) of who Scientist truly is.

Today has been filled with excitement as well as uncertainty about what lies ahead but regardless of what comes next, I’m ready to face whatever challenges may come knowing now more than ever before exactly who and most importantly wha t i want

End entry