Hey everyone, Miko here! So much has been happening lately and I just had to share it with you all. It's been quite a journey discovering my hidden powers as a Glitch Tech agent. Buckle up because this is going to be one wild ride!

The Beginning

It all started when I stumbled upon Hinobi's Store, where I work as a cashier. Little did I know that behind the scenes, there was an elite group of tech-savvy agents called Glitch Techs who hunted down evil glitches in our city of Bailley.

Unveiling My Destiny

One fateful day, while fooling around at the store after hours (I can't resist playing video games!), I accidentally came across some top-secret equipment used by the Glitch Techs. Curiosity got the better of me and before long, my impulsive nature led me straight into becoming a part of their team.

A World Beyond Screens

Joining forces with High Five (my partner-in-crime), we set out on missions to capture rogue glitches that wreak havoc on unsuspecting citizens. Little did people know about this secret world beyond their screens – filled with digital monsters threatening to take over their lives!

Power Surge

As if taking down dangerous glitches wasn't enough excitement for one girl like me, things took an unexpected turn when we encountered something truly extraordinary – power surges! These rare occurrences granted us temporary superhuman abilities within the digital realm.

Level Up: Super Speed Mode Activated!

The first time it happened was during our battle against a particularly pesky glitch named "PixelBuster." Just as we were about to get wiped out by its relentless attacks, both High Five and myself experienced this incredible surge of energy coursing through our bodies.

Without warning or explanation, everything seemed to slow down around us while our reflexes sharpened dramatically. We moved faster than ever before; dodging, weaving, and striking back with unrivaled precision.

Unleashing the Aerial Assault

On another occasion, we found ourselves trapped on a rooftop surrounded by a swarm of glitched-out flying drones. As panic started to set in, my hidden power surged forth once more – this time granting me the ability to leap into the air with incredible agility.

I soared through the skies like a superhero from one drone to another, taking them down with swift kicks and punches. It was an exhilarating feeling – knowing that I possessed these extraordinary abilities within myself.

Embracing My Unique Skills

Discovering these hidden powers opened up a whole new world for me. At first, it was overwhelming trying to balance my normal life at Hinobi's Store while also battling glitches as a Glitch Tech agent. But gradually, I learned how to embrace both sides of who I am.

The Struggle Within

Of course, not everything has been smooth sailing since unlocking my hidden potential. There have been moments when doubts crept in and made me question whether or not I truly belonged among the ranks of Glitch Techs.

My impulsive nature sometimes gets in the way during critical missions where focus is crucial. It's something that High Five constantly reminds me about (he can be such a buzzkill), but deep down inside he knows that together we make quite an unstoppable team!

Training Harder Than Ever Before

To harness our newfound powers effectively and ensure our safety out there on mission after mission; training became our top priority! From honing combat skills against holographic enemies at headquarters to intense physical workouts designed specifically for us Glitch Tech agents - every day brings new challenges!

Surely enough though? All those grueling hours spent practicing paid off—each victory brought us closer together as teammates while simultaneously strengthening our bond with technology itself (quite literally).

The Journey Continues...

As much as I've learned and grown since becoming a Glitch Tech agent, there's still so much more to discover about myself and the world of glitches. Every mission is an opportunity for me to push my limits, uncover new powers, and ultimately become the best version of myself.

So here's to embracing hidden abilities, facing challenges head-on, and never backing down from what we believe in! Together with High Five by my side (and maybe even some unexpected allies along the way), I know that nothing can stop us from protecting Bailley – one glitch at a time!

Yours truly,

Miko Kubota