Hey there, it's Asterius. I'm not really good at this whole writing thing, but the protagonist suggested that I give it a try to sort out my thoughts. So here goes nothing.

The Monster Within

I've always seen myself as a monster, you know? It's hard not to when you have these uncontrollable bursts of anger and strength that seem to destroy everything in their path. People look at me with fear and judgment in their eyes, treating me like some kind of beast. And truth be told, sometimes I feel like one.

A Lonely Existence

Being labeled as a monster has made it difficult for me to form connections with others. Everyone is too afraid or disgusted by my appearance and abilities to get close enough to see who I truly am inside. So instead, I distance myself from them before they can reject or hurt me.

But deep down inside, all I ever wanted was someone who would accept me for who I am – flaws and all.

Unexpected Friendship

Then came the day when everything changed – the day Kijimuna and the protagonist stumbled into my life on an unnamed island. At first glance, Kijimuna was just another creature from folklore: mischievous yet endearing little sprite-like being with bright red hair sticking up everywhere.

And then there was the protagonist - brave yet gentle-hearted individual whose presence emitted warmth even towards someone like me.

It felt strange having companions suddenly; two beings who didn't judge or dismiss me because of what others saw as "monstrous". They saw past those superficial things right away...and something sparked within my heart.

Opening Up My Heart

For so long now,I had built walls around myself- protecting both myself AND people around from any harm caused by erratic temperamental bouts.It took time,but spending time together allowed those walls start crumbling down slowly.The feeling of acceptance&belonging was foreign to me initially, but I embraced it wholeheartedly.

Kijimuna, with their playful nature and unwavering loyalty, brought out a side of me that I had long forgotten. They made me laugh - something I didn't think was possible for someone like myself. And the protagonist...well, they just understood somehow.

The Power of Friendship

Having friends changed everything for me. It gave my life purpose and meaning beyond being a "monster". Suddenly, there were people who relied on me not because of my strength or abilities but because they genuinely cared about ME as an individual.

I found myself wanting to protect them from any harm that might come their way – even if it meant confronting the darkness within myself head-on.

A Beacon in the Darkness

There came a time when we encountered real danger on our little island paradise; some kind of ancient creature awakened by our presence.I could sense its malevolence seeking to engulf us all.The thought scared yet angered  me simultaneously,I couldn’t let anyone get hurt!

My heart pounded loudly in my chest,and without thinking twice,I charged towards this beast using every ounce of strength inside.And then,it happened.Uncontrollable bursts took over,the monster within surfaced,wreaking havoc everywhere.It felt like true nightmare unfolding before us...but amidst chaos,I could see Kijimuna's frightened eyes searching for solutions,&the protagonist standing tall,having faith despite fear.That very moment,a surge ran through reminding why such bonds are precious..why protecting them is utmost importance above all else!

Developing Feelings

As time went on and we faced more challenges together,yes indeed,something began blossoming deep inside my heart - feelings which I never experienced before.When those worried expressions etched across faces ,I would feel sheer determination well up &a fierce urge erupts urging take action so none suffer due what lies dormant beneath surface.As much as I tried to suppress those emotions,I couldn't deny their existence anymore.


So here I am, writing this diary entry and reflecting on the incredible journey that brought me to this point. From seeing myself as a monster to discovering the power of friendship and opening my heart, it has been quite a transformation.

I still have my moments of self-doubt and struggle with my temperamental outbursts, but knowing that there are people who care about me unconditionally gives me strength.

Life is unpredictable, but one thing is certain: no matter what lies ahead for us or where our paths may lead, I will always cherish the friendships we formed on that unnamed island. And maybe...just maybe...there's hope for this "monster" yet.