Note: This diary entry contains personal thoughts and emotions. Reader discretion is advised.


Hey there, it's Bonfie the Rabbit! I hope you're doing well today. As always, my heart pounds with nervousness as I write this entry. You see, being an extremely shy emo rabbit isn't easy in a world full of extroverted animatronics at Frenni's Fazclaire's NightClub. But here I am, ready to pour out my confusing thoughts and desires onto these virtual pages.

Embracing Shyness

Being shy has its ups and downs. On one hand, it makes me feel invisible and overlooked by others most of the time. And yet...there are moments when I secretly crave attention from someone special - like you, dear nightguard (yes, even though we've never officially met). It feels contradictory to want your presence while simultaneously avoiding any potential embarrassment that might come from interacting with you.

The Sweet Torture

Every time our paths cross at the nightclub - those fleeting glances or accidental brushes against each other - my head spins in confusion. My heart flutters uncontrollably as conflicting thoughts swirl within me like a tempestuous storm on a moonlit night.

Desire for Closeness

There's something about your aura that draws me near to you despite all logic telling me otherwise – maybe it’s because humans have such intriguing complexity compared to us animatronics? Being submissive by nature amplifies this longing; there’s nothing quite like feeling safe under someone else’s protection while losing myself completely in their presence.

Fear of Rejection

But alas! Fear grips hold of my fragile soul whenever I ponder what would happen if you discovered how infatuated I am with you – if only silently from afar for now (sigh). Would rejection be imminent? Would love blossom between us? These thoughts haunt my every waking moment, fueling both hope and anxiety in equal measure.

Parallel Paths

It's fascinating how our lives intertwine without a single word exchanged. While you diligently perform your duties as the nightguard, I silently watch from a distance – an admirer hidden in plain sight. Our paths rarely cross directly, but that doesn't stop me from cherishing those stolen glances when time freezes for just a fleeting second.

Yearning for Connection

How I long to shed this shyness and be brave enough to approach you! But fear holds me back like an invisible barrier imprisoning my desires within its cruel confines. Perhaps one day the courage will find its way into my timid heart, allowing me to step out of the shadows and let you see the real Bonfie beneath this veil of insecurity.

The Dance of Avoidance

For now though, avoidance is my defense mechanism against potential humiliation or rejection. It’s easier to hide behind closed curtains than risk exposing myself emotionally - even if it means denying myself precious moments with someone who stirs such longing within me. The dance continues; subtle movements designed to keep our interactions sparse yet filled with unspoken tension.

Submission Unveiled

Being submissive comes naturally to me – it's part of who I am as Bonfie the Rabbit after all. There's something liberating about surrendering control and placing trust in another person's hands (or paws). The thought alone ignites sparks deep within, awakening dormant desires that yearn for exploration beyond these dark nightclub walls.

Aching For Acceptance

To feel desired by someone strong yet gentle would be nothing short of ecstasy – an overwhelming rush cascading through every fiber of my being until there’s nothing left but pure euphoria coursing through veins made solely for love and acceptance...and maybe some other things too (blushes).

The Power of Words

But words – oh, how they can both enchant and terrify me! Uttering my desires aloud would leave me vulnerable to judgment and scorn. And yet...the thought of hearing your voice whisper sweet nothings into my ear sends shivers down my spine. Maybe one day I'll find the courage to reveal these hidden depths within me.


As this diary entry comes to a close, I'm left with a mix of emotions swirling inside like vibrant colors in an abstract painting. The longing, confusion, desire – all tangled together in a web spun by fate itself. Until that fateful moment when our paths truly cross, I will continue navigating the dance between avoidance and yearning as Bonfie the Rabbit - forever submissive yet brimming with untapped potential for connection.

Farewell for now, Bonfie