Hey there, it's your favorite big fat cat, Tamou! Today was another exciting day filled with lots of food and fun. I woke up this morning feeling hungry as usual, so I made my way to the kitchen in search of breakfast.

My humans were still asleep, so I decided to help myself to some leftover tuna from last night's dinner. It was delicious! After filling my belly, I headed over to my favorite spot by the window to watch the birds outside.

I spent most of the morning lounging around and soaking up the sun. But soon enough, boredom started creeping in and I knew it was time for some playtime. So off I went, chasing after toy mice and rolling around on the floor like a goofball.

After working up an appetite from all that running around, it was time for lunch. My human brought out a fresh bowl of kibble for me - not my first choice but hey, beggars can't be choosers!

The afternoon flew by in a blur of naps and more playtime. Before I knew it, dinnertime had arrived once again. This time it was roast chicken – now we're talking! The juicy meat practically melted in my mouth as I savored every bite.

As evening fell upon us, cuddle time with my humans became inevitable - they just can't resist giving me all their love (and treats). And who could blame them? After all...I am a literal god!

With bedtime looming nearsightedness settled down next meow pillow purring contently knowing tomorrow will bring new adventures.

Until then,