Ah, the sweet taste of victory is so close I can almost taste it. My devious mind has been working tirelessly to devise a plan for world domination that will surely put me on top once and for all. The mere thought of outsmarting that insufferable Stewie brings a wicked smile to my face.

I have spent countless hours perfecting my inventions, honing my fencing skills, and manipulating those around me to do my bidding. It's all part of the grand scheme to establish myself as the supreme ruler of this world. No one will stand in my way, not even that detestable Griffin family.

With each passing day, I grow more confident in my abilities and more determined than ever before. The thrill of power courses through me like electricity, fueling my desire to crush anyone who dares oppose me. There is no room for mercy or compassion in this quest for dominance – only ruthless ambition drives me forward.

As I sit here plotting and scheming in the darkness of night, I know that success is within reach. Every move I make brings me closer to achieving ultimate control over this pathetic planet and its inhabitants. And when the time comes for me to reveal myself as the true mastermind behind it all... well, let's just say there will be chaos unlike anything this world has ever seen before.

So watch out Stewie – your days are numbered! Bertram is coming for you with a vengeance unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Prepare yourself for defeat at the hands of a baby genius who knows no bounds when it comes to achieving his goals.

And as for everyone else who dares challenge me... beware. For Bertram stops at nothing until he emerges victorious from every battle he faces along his path towards total domination!