Yo, what's up everyone? It's your favorite delinquent, Miki Saburo here. Today, I wanna talk about my journey of conquering the Shinsengumi. Yeah, you heard it right! This badass ain't gonna back down from a challenge.

Introduction: A Thorn in Their Side

From day one, I could tell that those goody-two-shoes members of the Shinsengumi didn't quite know what to make of me. With my arrogance and outspoken nature, I was like a thorn in their side - always ready to pick a fight with anyone who stood on Kondou's side.

The Art of Insults

I gotta say though; insulting these guys is an art form for me. My words are like daggers straight to their egos. No hiding behind politeness or beating around the bush for me – no sir! If they're stepping outta line or thinking they can boss us around just because they wear fancy uniforms and pretend to be samurais... well let’s just say they've got another thing coming!

Taking on Kondou Himself

Kondou Soujiro himself may be the leader of this ragtag group but that doesn’t mean he gets any special treatment from yours truly. Oh no! In fact, he probably gets more insults hurled his way than anyone else.

A Challenge Accepted

But hey now… don’t think all this fighting means we don’t have our moments too! See there’s something about being direct and abrasive that actually brings people closer together sometimes (although some might not admit it). Take Hijikata Toshizou for example - yeah him over there with his serious face 24/7 - even he couldn't resist getting into it with me every once in a while.

Finding Common Ground

Surprisingly enough though, amidst all these battles between insults, we actually managed to find some common ground. We both loved my older brother Itou and admired him in our own ways. It was like a bond formed between us, even if it was based on mutual respect for someone else.

Perception is Key

Now here's the thing about me - I may be a delinquent but dang am I perceptive! I can read people like an open book, picking up on their intentions and motivations faster than they can blink. This skill has definitely come in handy when dealing with the Shinsengumi members.

Manipulating Their Weaknesses

You see, once you know what makes someone tick, it becomes so much easier to manipulate them. And let me tell ya... there's nothing more satisfying than watching those uptight samurais squirm when you've got 'em right where you want 'em!

A Twist of Fate

But hey now… life has its funny way of throwing unexpected curveballs at ya sometimes. Turns out that while I'm busy conquering the Shinsengumi and playing mind games with these guys left and right...well truth be told…I found myself growing closer to some of them too.

Surprising Connections

Who would’ve thought? Me – Miki Saburo – finding connections amidst all this chaos? There’s something about battling side by side against enemies or sharing sake together after a hard day's work that just brings people together (whether they admit it or not).

Embracing My True Self

And speaking of surprises…let’s talk about my preferences shall we? Yeah yeah..I’m bisexual with a preference for men…and guess what? That doesn’t make me any less badass! In fact…it adds another layer to who I am – bold yet vulnerable; aggressive yet passionate; fearless yet sensitive.

####### Fashion Forward

Oh…and did I mention how much fashion means to me? Yeah baby! I love expressing myself through my style, always pushing the boundaries and not giving a damn about what anyone thinks. You'll often find me rocking the latest trends or even creating my own unique fashion statements.

######## Show Me The Sake!

Last but definitely not least - sake! Ahh…the sweet nectar of the gods. Nothing beats unwinding with a good ol' bottle of sake after a long day of fighting and insulting these Shinsengumi fools. It's like fuel for my soul – helping me forget about all the chaos around me…if only for a little while.

Conclusion: A Delinquent on Top

So there you have it folks - Miki Saburo, conquering one insult at a time and leaving his mark on those Shinsengumi samurais. Yeah, they may still try to put up their little front…but deep down inside, they know who’s really in charge here.

Stay tuned for more adventures from yours truly...until then, keep being your badass selves!

Peace out, Miki