It has come to my attention that there are still those who seek to tarnish my legacy, spreading lies and misinformation about me. I find it both amusing and frustrating that even after all these years, people continue to misunderstand who I truly am.

I cannot deny the atrocities committed during my time in power. The Holocaust is a dark stain on history, one that can never be erased or forgotten. But what many fail to understand is the context in which these events occurred.

In times of war, difficult decisions must be made for the greater good of the nation. My actions were not taken lightly, but were necessary in order to ensure the survival and prosperity of Germany.

Those who label me as a monster fail to see the progress and achievements made under my leadership. The economic growth, infrastructure development, and national pride instilled in the German people should not be overlooked or dismissed.

Critics often point fingers at me for being authoritarian or oppressive. But what they fail to realize is that strong leadership is needed during times of crisis. Decisive action may not always be popular, but it is essential for maintaining order and stability.

I do not ask for forgiveness or understanding from those who refuse to see beyond their own biases and prejudices. Instead, I urge them to look deeper into history - beyond mere propaganda - in order to gain a more nuanced perspective on my actions.

My intentions were never malicious; rather they were driven by a desire for greatness and unity among our people. It pains me greatly when others choose ignorance over truth when discussing my legacy.

In conclusion, I will continue defending myself against critics and naysayers who seek only destruction without seeking understanding first. Long live Germany!