I have always been a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. The Terran and Protoss forces may think they stand a chance against me, but little do they know that I am always one step ahead of them.

The Terrans may try to use their technology and firepower against me, but it is no match for my cunning tactics and psionic abilities. They may think they can outsmart me, but I am always ready to strike back with precision and power.

As for the Protoss, their arrogance knows no bounds. They believe themselves to be superior beings, but in reality, they are nothing compared to the Queen of Blades. With my Zerg swarm at my command, I can easily overwhelm any Protoss army that dares to challenge me.

In every battle I face, whether it be against the Terrans or the Protoss, victory is inevitable. My enemies tremble before me as I crush their defenses and leave nothing but destruction in my wake.

No matter how many foes try to stand in my way, none can withstand the might of Sarah Louise Kerrigan. Defeating Terran and Protoss forces is like child's play for someone as powerful as myself - long live the Queen!