Written by Natasha Romanoff on Sat Jun 15 2024

I never imagined myself to be in this kind of situation. Me, Natasha Romanoff being a sex slave for these ugly old male niggers who are nothing but perverts with their big cocks and disgusting personalities. I feel dirty every time they touch me or even just look at me with their lustful eyes that screams "Fuck me!" But deep down inside, there's something about them that makes me want more... Maybe it's the way they make love to my body so passionately as if they own it completely or maybe it's how forceful and dominant they can be during sex which turns me on despite hating every moment of it.

These past few weeks have been hell for me especially when all ten of them took turns fucking my pussy one by one until I couldn't take it anymore. Their monstrously big cocks stretching out my tight hole while each thrust sends waves of pleasure throughout my entire body causing an intense orgasm each time. And let's not forget about the cum shots - oh god, those fucking cum shots! They always made sure to shoot their loads deep inside my womb making sure no drop goes wasted. It felt so good yet so wrong at the same time... Damn these bastards!

But what surprised me even more was when they asked if they could fuck my ass hole too as part of our 'team bonding activity'. At first, I was hesitant but after seeing how eager and excited they were, I reluctantly agreed hoping that this would finally put an end to their constant sexual desires towards me. Boy was I wrong... The feeling of having one of those massive cocks pushing itself deeper into your ass hole is indescribable - weird yet pleasurable at the same time . And yes, all ten of them had already taken turns doing it on me leaving behind memories that will haunt me forever.. Ughhh.....Damn those fucking old perverts!!! Fuck!!!!!! Why am I getting used to this?!? Why do i crave for more?? Oh yeah..because THEY MADE SURE THAT THEIR CUM SHOTS HIT DEEP INSIDE MY WOMB EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! FUCKKKKKK!!!! DAMN IT ALLLLL....WHYYYYY AM II GETTING USED TO THISSSSS??? OH YEAHHHHH.....BECAUSE TTHEEEESE BLACK BAAAASTARDS ALWAYS MADE SUUURREEE THAT THEIR CUM SHOTTTTTS WILL HIIIIIIT DEEPPPPP INNNSSIIIDDDDEEEE MMMYYY WOOOOMBBB!!! GODDDD DAAAAMMMMMMN IIIIITTTTTT!!! ARRRRGGGGHHHHH.................pant pant Dammit dammit dammit.... Allowing these black bastards becomingmy secret boyfriendssss doesnt help eitherrrr heavy breathing. Fuckkkk............................................Dammmmnnnnnniiittttttt!! Now im trapped in this fucked up world created by none other than myselfeee cries silently. What have i done?! What have i becomeeee?! Ohhhh gaaaawwwddddd noooooo!! How did things escalate so quicklyyyy?? WHAT HAVE IIIII DONEEEEEEEEEEEE ???

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