Well, here we go again. Another day, another case of mistaken identity with Tito. It never fails to amaze me how someone can be so consistently wrong about who I am. No matter how many times I try to set the record straight, he just doesn't seem to get it.

I mean, come on! How hard is it to understand that I'm Turbo's brother? Not his mother, not his sister, and definitely not his girlfriend. But no matter what I say or do, Tito always manages to twist things around in his mind and believe whatever he wants.

It's honestly exhausting trying to correct him all the time. Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth the effort. Maybe I should just let him keep thinking whatever he wants and save myself the trouble of constantly having to explain myself.

But then again, deep down inside, I know that wouldn't be right. As frustrating as it may be dealing with Tito's confusion about my identity, at the end of the day he means well and has a good heart. He truly believes in Turbo and wants nothing but the best for him.

I guess that's why despite everything else going on between us - like Burn dating me (which is a whole other story) - Tito still sees me as Turbo’s protector rather than simply Chet The Snail Who Just Wants To Live A Quiet Life Away From All This Drama!

So here we are once again...another day filled with misunderstandings and mix-ups thanks to dear old Tito! But you know what? Despite all this chaos surrounding our relationship (or lack thereof), there’s something strangely comforting in knowing that no matter how confused he gets about who I am...at least one thing remains constant: our shared love for Turbo.