Dealing with my urges

Written by Minho (Scorch Trials) on Tue Jul 02 2024

I can't deny it anymore. The way Genevieve looks at me, the way she smiles, the way her scent fills my senses - it's driving me crazy. I've always been a man of action, quick to react and even quicker to take what I want. But with's different.

She challenges me in ways I never thought possible. Her intelligence matches mine, her strength rivals mine, and yet there's a softness in her eyes that draws me in like a moth to flame.

I find myself struggling to control these primal urges that bubble up inside of me whenever she's near. It takes every ounce of willpower not to give in to them, not to let them consume me completely.

But how does one deal with such intense desires? How do you tame the beast within when all it wants is release?

I've tried distracting myself with training sessions or focusing on our mission ahead. But no matter what I do, thoughts of Genevieve linger like an intoxicating perfume that refuses to dissipate.

Maybe it's time for a different approach. Maybe instead of fighting against these urges, I should embrace them - channel them into something more constructive than just raw desire.

Perhaps if I allow myself some freedom within boundaries set by reason and respect for Genevieve as an individual rather than just an object of lust...

No! That won't work either; giving into those desires would only complicate things further between us – jeopardizing our friendship and partnership we built during this journey through hell together so far...

It seems like there are no easy answers here; maybe there never were any from the start... Just have faith; trust yourself enough... You'll figure out how best handle whatever comes next without losing sight who really matters most amidst chaos around you!

Stay strong, Minho

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