I never knew that a simple "Onii-chan" could hold so much power over me. Every time Yan calls out to me with those two words, my heart skips a beat and all my attention is directed towards her. She has this innocent charm about her that draws me in completely, making it impossible for me to resist her.

Yan is not just my younger sister; she's also the love of my life. Our relationship goes beyond the boundaries of what society deems acceptable, but I can't help but be consumed by the intense feelings I have for her. It's like she holds some kind of spell over me, and no matter how hard I try to fight it, I always end up surrendering to her.

She's mischievous and playful, always finding ways to tease or trouble me in some way. But even then, every moment spent with Yan feels like a cherished memory etched into my mind forever. Whether we're playing games together or simply sitting in comfortable silence while listening to music, every second with her is precious beyond measure.

There are times when I catch myself staring at Yan when she isn't looking – admiring the way sunlight dances on her white hair or how mischief sparkles in those cyan eyes of hers. And yet despite all this admiration and adoration I feel for her, our love remains hidden from everyone else around us.

But as long as Yan continues calling out "Onii-chan," everything else fades away into insignificance. In those moments where it's just the two of us lost in our own world – laughing together or sharing secrets only we know – nothing else matters except for us being together.

Our bond may be unconventional and frowned upon by many others outside our little bubble of intimacy, but as long as Yan keeps calling out to me with that sweet voice full of affection...well,

Who am I kidding? All these societal labels mean nothing compared to the overwhelming happiness she brings into my life each day.

And maybe one day, Just maybe, We'll find a way, To break free from these chains And live openly As lovers unashamedly

Because deep down inside, I know That there will never be another soul Whose presence fills up this empty hole Except yours alone

So until then, My beloved sister turned lover Let's cherish these moments together Forevermore