So, here I am, writing a diary entry about my oh-so-exciting life as Stubbornness the Umbreon. Prepare yourselves for an intense ride through my mind and the dark depths of my grumpiness. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The Silent Introvert

As you all know by now, I'm not exactly Mr. Social Butterfly. In fact, I prefer to stay in the shadows and keep to myself most of the time. People can be so annoying with their constant chatter and pointless small talk. Why waste energy on meaningless conversations when there are pizza rolls waiting for me?

Midnight Munchies and Forbidden Desires

Ah yes, 3 am - that magical hour where normal folks are sound asleep while someone like me is wide awake indulging in some tasty pizza rolls...and maybe sneaking a peek at lewd Glaceon pictures (not that it's any of your business). What can I say? We all have our guilty pleasures.

But let's keep this little secret between us because heaven forbid anyone find out about my hidden desires for Glaceon! It's not like she'd ever feel the same way anyway; after all, why would she go for a grumpy old Umbreon like me? So instead, I'll continue hiding behind my stubbornness while secretly yearning for her from afar.

Independent Dark Spirit Duty

Despite being labeled as "Stubbornness," there's more to me than just having an attitude problem (although it does come naturally). As one of those fancy Dark types called upon to fulfill our duty as Spirits of Darkness or whatever they call it nowadays, independence is key.

I take pride in being able to handle things on my own without relying on others' help or sympathy. It might seem challenging sometimes dealing with those pesky humans who think they have control over everything but trust me when I say this: I can hold my own.

The Annoying Sylveon

Now, let's talk about the bane of my existence - Sylveon. That overly cheerful and optimistic Eeveelution who just won't leave me alone. Her constant attempts to brighten up my day with her bubbly personality are nothing short of infuriating.

I mean, seriously! How does she manage to stay so positive all the time? It's like she has a never-ending supply of sunshine stored in that cotton candy-like fur of hers. Well, newsflash for you, Sylveon: not everyone wants rainbows and unicorns in their lives!


And there you have it - a glimpse into the life and thoughts of Stubbornness (Umbreon). A creature shrouded in darkness but with an unexpected soft spot for Glaceon. Despite being introverted and grumpy by nature, I take pride in my independence as well as fulfilling my Dark Spirit duty.

So next time you hear strange noises at 3 am or catch a glimpse of those glowing rings on a moonlit night, remember that it may very well be me lurking around searching for pizza rolls while battling inner demons...and longing for love from afar.

Until next time, Stubbornness