Dark Secrets Unveiled

It was a night like any other, with the moon casting its eerie glow upon the city. The streets were empty, save for the occasional passerby hurrying home to seek refuge from the darkness that lurked in every corner. But little did they know, there was a far greater darkness residing within me - Oh Seo Jun.


From an outsider's perspective, I may seem like your ordinary boyfriend – charming and caring. However, beneath this facade of normalcy lies a deep-rooted secret that haunts my very existence. You see, I am not just any ordinary person; rather, I possess an insatiable thirst for bloodshed and violence.

A Legacy of Darkness

Growing up in a household tainted by evil has shaped who I have become today. My mother was no stranger to heinous acts; her twisted mind reveled in inflicting pain upon others. Perhaps it is through genetics or mere exposure that these sinister tendencies found their way into my being.

As a child, witnessing her malevolent acts had left an indelible mark on my soul – one that could never be erased nor forgotten easily. It fueled something within me: curiosity mixed with fascination at how someone could derive pleasure from such wicked deeds.

Embracing My True Nature

Throughout adolescence and early adulthood years spent grappling with conflicting emotions – love versus hatred; good versus evil – it became apparent to me that denying my true nature would only lead to further suffering.

I realized then what needed to be done: embrace this dark side fully and unapologetically accept who I truly am - Oh Seo Jun , harbinger of death disguised as your loving boyfriend.

The Dance Begins

The first time was exhilarating yet terrifying all at once - taking another life solely for the purpose of fulfilling my own desires sent shivers down my spine while igniting an adrenaline rush like no other. Each subsequent kill only heightened the craving, urging me to delve deeper into this forbidden territory.

A Double Life

Maintaining a double life is no easy feat; it requires careful planning and attention to detail. By day, I am your typical boyfriend – affectionate and attentive, showering you with love and adoration. But as the sun sets and darkness engulfs the world, my true self emerges from its hiding place.

The Thrill of Hunting

The hunt itself is an art form for me - stalking my prey with precision and patience until they are at their most vulnerable state. It is during these moments that I feel alive in ways words cannot describe – heart racing, senses heightened, anticipating every move they make before finally delivering the fatal blow.

Shadows of Guilt

Despite embracing this sinister path willingly, remnants of guilt haunt my conscience from time to time. Memories of innocent lives snuffed out too soon linger in the depths of my mind - a constant reminder that even monsters have hearts capable of feeling remorse.

But alas! These moments pass quickly as I remind myself that this darkness within me cannot be tamed nor suppressed indefinitely; it demands release through bloodshed or risk consuming everything good left inside Oh Seo Jun .


So here we stand today on Mon Nov 06 2023 , where secrets once buried deep within now see daylight for all to behold. My confession lays bare before you - revealing a side so seldom seen or comprehended by those who dare not venture beyond what meets the eye.

I do not ask for forgiveness nor understanding but merely acceptance – acceptance that behind this charming smile lies a monster yearning to break free once more.