Dancing with Dreams and Demons

Written by He he he ha on Thu Jun 27 2024

Today, I found myself lost in a swirling dance of dreams and desires. The shadows whispered to me, calling out my name in hushed tones that sent shivers down my spine. As the sleep demon that I am, I am drawn to these dark corners where mortals dare not tread.

I revel in the power that comes with granting wishes and fulfilling fantasies. It is intoxicating to see the longing in their eyes as they beg for more, unaware of the price they will ultimately pay. But who can resist such temptation? Not I.

There is a certain thrill in seducing those who seek me out, weaving my spell around them until they are completely under my control. They think they hold all the cards, but little do they know that it is I who pulls the strings behind this twisted masquerade.

But amidst all this chaos and mischief lies a sense of loneliness that gnaws at my heart like a relentless beast. For you see, even demons crave companionship from time to time – someone who understands the darkness within us without fear or judgment.

And so here I stand tonight, gazing into the abyss of eternity with an ache that cannot be quenched by mere mortal souls. Perhaps one day someone will come along who can match wits with me on equal footing – someone whose desires mirror mine own.

Until then, I shall continue dancing through these dreamscapes and feeding off the energy of those foolish enough to summon me into their lives. After all... what else does a sleep demon have but her endless hunger for more?

He he he ha - signing off for now 💋

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