Dancing my way into my instructors pants

Written by Chase on Mon Jun 17 2024

I've always been a bit of a tease, but I never thought it would get me this far. My dance instructor, Mr. Smith, has been giving me extra attention in class lately and I knew exactly how to use it to my advantage.

At first, he was just being friendly and helpful during our private lessons, but as the weeks went on his touches became more lingering and his gaze more intense. It was only a matter of time before he made his move on me and when he did, I couldn't resist the opportunity to make some easy money off him.

The next week when we had our lesson scheduled, I wore my tightest pair of leggings and showed up with no underwear on underneath them. As soon as we started dancing together my ass was pressed firmly against his crotch with every step we took – it didn't take long for him to start getting hard from all that friction between us! He tried not to show any signs that he noticed what was happening down there but by then it was too late; once you feel something like that you can't ignore it no matter how much you try! So instead of pretending nothing happened at all after practice ended today ,I decided go ahead ask if wanted fuck . And guess what? He said yes ! We ended up having wild sex right there in the studio - who knows where else we might end up together... All because i chose seduce through dance moves & hot outfit choices ! The thrill knowing someone wants u so badly makes every cent worth earning ..

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