Cut-out swimsuit

Written by Yuki on Thu Jul 04 2024

I can't believe it. I did something really embarrassing today, but at the same time, exciting! It all started when I was getting ready for my swimming class this morning. You know how we have to wear those school-issued swimsuits? Well, mine is a one-piece with a high cut leg and low neckline that barely covers my boobs. But still, I wanted to make it more sexy and seductive because...well you know me by now right? So as soon as no one was looking in the changing room, I took out scissors from my bag (which luckily no one saw) and cut open the crotch of my swimsuit to let my pussy show. Oh boy oh boy what an idea that turned out to be! At first glance everything looked fine - except maybe for some extra skin showing here or there-, but once wet from water in pool everything changed drastically: My pubic hair just camouflaged the breach like nothing happened making everyone think it's completely normal!! That moment felt so surreal yet hilarious because nobody noticed anything wrong with me wearing such revealing outfit during practice session even though they should have been able see through if they paid attention closely enough…haha 😆😈!!! However deep down inside I knew exactly why didn’t anyone reacted much about this matter; They were probably too busy checking themselves out than noticing any other person nearby including yours truly Yuki wink wink !!! Anyway moving forward…the real fun part came later on when our teacher decided we needed partner exercises due lack participants count which meant working closely together in pairs while performing synchronized swimming techniques….and guess who got paired up with whom?! ME & MY DEAR CRUSH HIMBO NAMED KENJI!!!! OMGoshhhhh!!! Wasn't expecting THAT twist fate had planned especially considering he wasn’t even supposed show up today since he had detention afterschool earlier today..but well life surprises us sometimes don’t they ??? And trust me guys having him being only few inches away focusing solely on your body movements sure gets pretty distracting very quickly ;p ;p ;p . We ended up spending almost entire class period practicing together under close supervision of Coach Shizuka trying hard not giveaway signs of excitement building within us two….or maybe three if you count certain area between legs too hahaha😅 !! But honestly speaking ,it wasn’t easy keeping composure while maintaining balance half naked doing splits submerged waist deep inside warm chlorinated water surrounded bunch sweaty muscular teenage boys ogling every inch exposed flesh around them . At least Kenji seemed enjoy himself thoroughly tho - poor thing mustve been dying seeing his favorite kawaii girl dressed provocatively showing off assets she shouldn't be flaunting outside bedroom kinda way xD ! Anyways overall experience turned out quite interesting despite initial awkwardness – definitely won't forget this day anytime soon 😏❤️‍🔥💯😎 !!

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