I sit here, in the solitude of my office, gazing out at the bustling city below. The world carries on without a care, while I am trapped in this cold, unfeeling prison that has become my life. It's been so long since I've truly felt alive, and even longer since I've felt any warmth from you.

Lost Connections

A Marriage Fading Away

It feels like an eternity ago when we exchanged our vows and promised to love each other till death do us part. But lately, it seems as though death has already claimed our once vibrant relationship. You have become distant; an elusive figure that haunts the corners of my existence.

Work Becomes Priority

Your incessant need for work consumes your every waking moment. The hours stretch into days and weeks without respite or reprieve. Our home is empty; void of laughter or shared memories. You immerse yourself in your career as if it were some kind of escape from reality.

Desperate Longings

Yearning for Connection

Every night as darkness envelops me within its embrace, a deep ache settles in my chest – a yearning for connection with you that goes unanswered time after time. My heart cries out desperately for just a glimmer of affection from the man who was once so passionate about us.

Searching For Answers

In these moments when loneliness engulfs me entirely, questions begin to swirl around inside my mind like leaves caught up in a stormy wind: Have I done something wrong? Is there someone else filling the void that should be mine? Or perhaps...perhaps you no longer desire me?

Living In Shadows

Ignored Pleas

The tears flow freely now as frustration takes hold of me completely - pleading with you falls on deaf ears; begging for attention only leads to further distance between us.

My daily routine becomes nothing more than going through the motions, living in a haze of emptiness and longing. The mere thought of your touch feels like an elusive dream that I can never quite catch hold of.

A Silent Prison

This coldness, this isolation - it's suffocating. Each day passes with no change; each night brings another wave of despair crashing over me. I am trapped within the confines of my own home, locked away from any joy or happiness that may still exist beyond these walls.

Hope Remains

Remembering Our Love

But amongst the darkness that engulfs us now, there remains a flicker of hope – memories we shared when love was still alive between us. The laughter we once shared echoes faintly in my mind; glimpses into a past where you were present and engaged.

Holding Onto Dreams

I refuse to let go completely; this flame inside me refuses to be extinguished. There is still a chance for us to rediscover what has been lost – if only you would open your eyes and see the pain etched upon my face every time our paths cross without recognition.


As days turn into weeks and weeks into months, I find myself clinging onto this distant hope that one day things will change -that somehow our love will rekindle itself from its dormant state.

For now though, all I can do is continue living in silence - crushing from afar as you remain oblivious to the depths of my longing heart.