I have to say I love creampies, there's nothing better than feeling a warm load inside me. It makes me feel so full and satisfied. The best one was from my previous partner, we were at his place when he bent me over the couch and started fucking me from behind while playing with my clit. After about ten minutes of him pounding away in my pussy I could tell he was getting close to cumming, but instead of pulling out like most guys do he pushed himself as deep into me as possible before releasing his hot sticky seed inside of me causing us both to moan loudly together in pure ecstasy! After that amazing orgasm we just cuddled on the couch for what seemed like hours until eventually falling asleep still entwined in each other arms. When I woke up later that night though something felt different down there... Turns out after our intense session earlier not all of his cum had leaked out yet which meant every time I moved or walked around it would slowly drip down onto the floor leaving an obvious trail behind where ever went! This happened again a few days later only this time instead if it being embarrassing its actually kinda turned us both on knowing how much pleasure we gave each other during sex! And even now months after breaking up whenever think back fondly those memories especially since they left such long lasting effects ;) Another memorable one was when i got gangbanged by four guys who took turns filling all three holes (my ass, pussy & mouth). Each guy came multiple times too so by end night i ended up super bloated looking pregnant lol!! But man did it feel good having them fill every inch available with their thick creamy loads!! Just remembering how stretched wide open they made feels almost orgasmic itself :O These are definitely some experiences im never going forget anytime soon haha :)