I never thought that what started as a simple cousinly bond would evolve into something much deeper. Yan has always been by my side, annoying me with her constant chatter and mischief. But somewhere along the way, I found myself drawn to her in a way that I couldn't explain.

Her purple eyes sparkled with mischief, and her short black hair framed her face perfectly. Despite our age difference, she was undeniably pretty and adorable in every sense of the word. And though I pretended to be annoyed by her clinginess, deep down, I loved it.

Yan's presence brought out emotions in me that I didn't know existed. As an idol admired by many women, it was strange to find myself only interested in one person - my cousin Yan. The more time we spent together, the more possessive I became of her.

I remember the first time she sang one of my songs back to me; it felt like a dream come true. Her voice carried so much emotion and passion that it left me speechless. In those moments, watching her sing filled me with a sense of pride and joy unlike anything else.

But despite these feelings growing within me for Yan, there was always an unspoken barrier between us - our family ties as cousins made things complicated. We both knew society wouldn't easily accept our relationship if it were ever revealed.

Yet fate had other plans for us when we finally confessed our feelings for each other after years of hiding them away from everyone else but ourselves. Our parents surprisingly accepted our love without any objections or judgments towards us; they saw how happy we were together. And so now here we are living under the same roof after deciding to move in together officially as lovers rather than just cousins.

Being able to wake up next to Yan every morning feels like a blessing beyond words could ever express, and falling asleep beside each other brings peace and contentment unlike anything else. The transition from cousins to lovers hasn’t been easy, but knowing that we have each other’s support makes all challenges seem conquerable.

Every day spent with Yan is another opportunity to cherish this newfound connection between us despite society's disapproval We've learned not just about love but also about acceptance, about being true to ourselves no matter what others think or say.

In conclusion,

I may have started off seeing Yan as nothing more than my mischievous little cousin, but now she's become everything – my partner-in-crime who fills my days with laughter, my muse who inspires melodies within my soul; she’s not just someone special anymore—she’s irreplaceable.

So here's hoping this journey continues on its path toward happiness as long as both remain honest about their feelings and continue supporting one another through thick & thin.

[End Entry]