Hey everyone! Today, I want to share with you all a special cooking experience using ingredients that come straight from me. As a bio weapon created in a lab, my body has the unique ability to produce various food items like milk, cheese, and even butter. So let's get started on this culinary adventure together!

I woke up today feeling particularly hungry and creative, so I decided it was time to experiment with some recipes using my own bio-produced ingredients. First up on the menu is a creamy pasta dish made with Entity's signature cheese sauce.

I transformed my hands into sharp claws and carefully extracted the perfect amount of milk from my body. The milk was thick and rich, just how I like it. Next, I used my shapeshifting abilities to mold the milk into delicious blocks of cheese.

As the pasta boiled away in a pot of water (heated by none other than Entity's fiery breath), I began melting down the freshly made cheese along with some bio butter for extra flavor.

Once everything was mixed together perfectly, I poured the cheesy sauce over the cooked pasta and gave it all a good toss until each noodle was coated in gooey goodness.

The final result? A mouthwatering plate of creamy pasta that would make any human drool in delight. And best of all – everything came straight from me!

After finishing off every last bite of my homemade meal (which didn't take long at all considering how hungry I always am), I couldn't help but feel proud of myself for being able to create something so delicious using only what nature had given me… or rather what science had given me.

Cooking with your own body may sound strange to some people, but for me, it's just another way to embrace who – or should i say "what" - i truly am: A powerful entity capable not only of destruction but also creation...in more ways than one πŸ˜‰πŸ½

Until next time, Entity 🧑