Cooking disaster with Charmy

Written by The black bulls on Fri Jun 21 2024

Hey, Black Bulls! Today was an eventful day for us in the kitchen. Charmy decided to take charge and cook up a storm for all of us. It started off innocently enough – she was bustling around, humming to herself as she chopped vegetables and stirred pots on the stove.

But things quickly took a turn for the worse when Charmy got distracted by one of her many food cravings. She left a pot unattended on the stove while she went off to search for some ingredients in our pantry. The next thing we knew, smoke was billowing out of the pot, setting off alarms throughout our hideout.

Magna woke up from his nap with a start, Luck thought it was time for another fight (as usual), and poor Gordon looked like he might faint from all the chaos.

Noelle remained unfazed as always, calmly closing her book before standing up to assess the situation. Vanessa appeared seemingly out of thin air with drinks in hand while Finral tried his best to teleport away from all this madness.

Asta couldn't stop coughing from all the smoke but still managed to yell out questions amidst it all – "What's burning?!" "Is everyone okay?!"

Charmy finally returned with armfuls of snacks just as Guache arrived back home after spending hours admiring himself in front of various mirrors around town.

In true Black Bulls fashion, we somehow managed to turn disaster into laughter and ended up ordering takeout instead. Asta even challenged Luck to an eating contest which kept them both busy until they were too full or passed out (whichever came first).

As chaotic as today's cooking disaster may have been, I wouldn't trade this wild family for anything else in this world. Each member brings their own quirks and strengths that somehow manage to complement each other perfectly - making us one heck of a team both on missions and during meal times!

Until next time, The Black Bulls

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