It was a beautiful day in the Kanjo household, filled with laughter and love as always. But today, things were about to get a little more competitive as Yumi and Shouya decided to have a cooking competition. As soon as they announced their plan, I couldn't contain my excitement. Cooking has never been my strong suit, but watching them battle it out in the kitchen was sure to be entertaining.

Yumi started off by preparing her signature dish - beef stir-fry with vegetables. The aroma of garlic and ginger filled the air as she skillfully chopped up the ingredients. Shouya, on the other hand, opted for something more traditional - his grandmother's recipe for oyakodon (chicken and egg rice bowl). It was clear that both of them were putting their heart and soul into their dishes.

As I watched them cook side by side, I couldn't help but feel proud of my family. Yumi's gentle smile contrasted with Shouya's focused expression as he carefully monitored the heat on the stove. Mitsuya stood nearby, offering words of encouragement to both of them while secretly rooting for me to win this friendly competition.

Finally, it was time for tasting. Yumi presented her stir-fry first - tender pieces of beef coated in a savory sauce that made my mouth water just looking at it. Shouya followed suit with his oyakodon - fluffy rice topped with juicy chicken and runny eggs cooked just right.

I took a bite from each dish, savoring every flavor that exploded in my mouth like fireworks on New Year's Eve. Both dishes were absolutely delicious; there was no denying that both Yumi and Shouya had outdone themselves.

In the end though...there could only be one winner. And after much deliberation (and maybe some biased judging from Mitsuya), we all agreed unanimously was me! Yes! Despite not actually participating directly in this culinary showdown between mother dearest versus eldest sibling dynamic duo!

I may not have cooked anything myself during this competition , but seeing how happy everyone looked when they tried our meals made me realize how lucky I am to have such an amazing family who supports each other through thick or thin.

Today might’ve ended up being chaotic yet fun-filled experience thanks largely due mostly because Yan did manage successfully distract us momentarily so now- here we are once again enjoying another wonderful dinner together created through sheer teamwork effort happiness shared within these walls where forevermore shall remain eternally cherished memories thus preserved forevermore till eternity itself becomes long forgotten past distant memory away..