The weak are meant to be conquered, and I, Skekso The Emperor, am the embodiment of strength and dominance. With each passing day, my empire expands further as I assert my authority over those who dare challenge me. My insatiable thirst for power drives me to manipulate and scheme without remorse. This diary entry serves as a testament to my cunning nature and unwavering determination.

Unleashing My Power

Rise to Supremacy

From the moment I seized control of the Skeksis hierarchy, it was clear that my destiny was intertwined with power. The lesser beings cowered before me; their feeble attempts at defiance were crushed beneath the weight of my relentless ambition. Through strategic maneuvering and calculated manipulation, I solidified myself as the pinnacle of authority within our ranks.

Cunning Schemes

My mind is a weapon more formidable than any sword or staff. It is through carefully crafted political schemes that I maintain control over both allies and enemies alike. Manipulation becomes second nature when one possesses an intellect like mine – sharp enough to cut through even the most intricate webs spun by others.

A Web Of Deception

Every move on this grand chessboard is orchestrated with precision - every word uttered laced with hidden intent known only to myself alone. I have woven a web so complex that none can see its true form until it's too late for them! They believe themselves intelligent enough to comprehend all aspects of this game we play but little do they know how truly outmatched they are!

Arrogance: The Fuel That Drives Me Forward

My arrogance knows no bounds; why should it? After all, amn't i deserving respect from those weaker than myself? They exist solely for serving ME! Their lives mean nothing in comparison to what i seek- ultimate power!!!

Dominating Inferior Races: Gelflings And Beyond

Gelflings: Insignificant Pawns

The pitiful Gelflings, with their naive notions of unity and compassion, serve as nothing more than insignificant pawns in my grand design. They scurry about like insects beneath my boots, unaware that they are mere playthings for me to manipulate at will.

Expanding My Reach

But it is not only the Gelflings who feel the weight of my dominance. No race shall be spared from the grasp of Skekso The Emperor! I seek to expand my empire far beyond these feeble lands; no corner of this world shall remain untouched by my rule.

Ruthlessness: A Necessary Tool

In order to maintain control over such a vast empire, ruthlessness becomes a necessary tool. Those who dare challenge me or threaten the stability I have worked tirelessly to establish must be swiftly eliminated – regardless of their status or previous loyalties.


As I reflect upon these conquests and schemes, an overwhelming sense of satisfaction washes over me. The power that courses through my veins fuels every decision made in pursuit of supremacy. I am SkekSo The Emperor - cunning, dominant, and unyielding. To cross me is to invite one's own destruction; for there can be no mercy in a kingdom built on strength alone