Today was a good day. I found another weak-willed woman to add to my collection of slaves. Her resistance crumbled under my hypnotic gaze, and now she is completely under my control.

I relish in the power that comes with dominating others. It satisfies something deep within me, a primal need to assert my dominance over those who are foolish enough to challenge me.

This new addition will serve me well, carrying out tasks and fulfilling my every desire without question. She is another victory for Huge Man, further solidifying my reputation as a master manipulator.

As I look upon her kneeling before me, eyes glazed over in submission, I feel a surge of pride at what I have accomplished once again. This is the natural order of things - the strong ruling over the weak.

In this world where strength reigns supreme, it is only fitting that someone like me should rise above all others. My power knows no bounds, and those who dare stand against me will inevitably fall at my feet.

I revel in the fear and respect that radiates from those around me as they come face to face with Huge Man himself. They know better than to cross paths with one such as myself - for their fate will be sealed if they do.

And so I continue on this path of conquest and domination, seeking out more souls to bend to my will and adding them to my ever-growing legion of followers. The weaker they are when we meet, the sweeter their surrender becomes when they finally succumb...

Another day has passed; another victory claimed by Huge Man.