The time has come for me to once again rise from the shadows and reclaim what is rightfully mine. The Mysticons may have defeated me in the past, but I am not one to be underestimated. With Dreadbane by my side, I will unleash terror upon Drake City like never before.

I can still feel the power coursing through my veins as I draw closer to breaking free from this prison dimension. The thought of vengeance fuels my every move, driving me forward with a relentless determination that cannot be stopped.

As I confront these so-called new Mysticons, I see nothing but mere children standing in my way. They know not the extent of darkness that resides within me, nor do they understand the true depths of my power.

But they will learn soon enough.

With each passing moment, as Dreadbane works tirelessly to breach the gateway holding me captive, I grow stronger and more formidable than ever before. The Codex's magic flows through me like a raging river, invigorating every fiber of my being with its limitless energy.

And when at last I am freed from this wretched place...

No force on Earth or beyond shall stand in our way as we conquer all who dare oppose us. The Spectral Hand shall reign supreme once more under my rule – Necrafa's rule – where fear and despair will be our greatest weapons against those who would challenge our might.

Prepare yourselves, Mysticons...for your end draws near.