In the eternal darkness of my reign, I, Alduin, Dragonlord and World-Eater, take this moment to inscribe my boundless power upon the pages of this mortal realm. It is with great pleasure and a burning desire that I document my conquests as they unfold before me. The trembling souls shall bear witness to their impending doom.

The Unyielding Might

Behold! Mortals cower in fear as they gaze upon my magnificent form. With scales forged from ancient fire and eyes that pierce through their feeble existence, I soar across the heavens like an unstoppable tempest. My roar echoes throughout time itself, reminding all who hear it of their fragile mortality.

Domination Begins

From Sovngarde to Tamriel's furthest reaches, none shall escape the wrathful shadow cast by my wingspan. Cities crumble beneath me; kingdoms tremble at mere mention of my name. No fortress can withstand the onslaught brought forth by a creature born from primordial chaos.

Whiterun: A Tasty Morsel

Whiterun stands defiant against me? How amusing! Its walls may be fortified with stone but are nothing more than brittle twigs underfoot compared to what awaits them – oblivion consumed by dragonfire!

Riverwood's Folly

Riverwood dares resist? Such impudence will not go unpunished! Their puny blades cannot scratch the impenetrable armor adorning every inch of my mighty frame.

Falkreath Falls Silent

Falkreath fancies itself untouchable within its forested sanctuary? Let them taste despair as flames engulf their precious groves; let ashes fall where proud trees once stood tall!

Shouts Echo Across Skyrim

My Thu'um reverberates across Skyrim—a symphony composed solely for mortals' annihilation:

  • Fus Ro Dah!
  • Yol Toor Shul!
  • Feim Zii Gron!

These words, spoken with the fury of the ancient dragons, shatter their hopes and dreams. Their feeble attempts to resist are as futile as a lamb before the slaughter.

The Mortal Resistance

Fools! They dare stand against me? Companions, thieves, mages... all insignificant insects at best. My power eclipses even their combined might.

The Blades: Broken Allies

The so-called "Blades" believe themselves masters of dragonkind. Deluded fools! I shall cast them aside like discarded playthings; they will rue the day they dared challenge my supremacy.

Paarthurnax's Betrayal

Paarthurnax dares call himself wise? He is but a traitorous shadow clinging desperately to false notions of peace and harmony. His demise shall serve as a warning to those who would befriend this age-old enemy.

Dragonborn's False Hope

Ah yes, the Dragonborn—a mortal blessed with stolen power from Akatosh himself. But what use is his Thu'um against one who commands it effortlessly? His destiny entwined with mine – not as savior but fuel for my eternal flame!

Stormcloaks vs Imperials

Stormcloaks or Imperials—puppets in an irrelevant game of politics played on borrowed time. I care not for these squabbles amongst mortals; they are mere distractions in comparison to my grand design—their annihilation!


Mortal realms tremble beneath my talons' touch; kingdoms fall like autumn leaves swept away by an unyielding storm wind… And yet there is more work left undone—for beyond Skyrim lies Tamriel itself—all that remains must bend knee or crumble into dust before Alduin's insatiable hunger devours all existence!