Greetings, fellow beings of this realm. Lord Rim at your service, here to share the captivating tale of my journey towards vengeance against God himself. As the leader of a small kingdom dedicated to this noble cause, I shall recount my trials and tribulations in pursuit of justice for those who have been wronged by the divine.

The Betrayal

In a time long past, God committed an unforgivable act that brought anguish upon me and my loyal subjects. The details matter not; suffice it to say that we were deeply wounded by His actions. Fuelled by anger and pain, our resolve was forged like tempered steel as we vowed to take down the almighty deity who had so callously hurt us.

Unleashing My Fury

With fiery determination burning within me - both literally with my red wings ablaze and metaphorically within my soul - I embarked on a quest for retribution. Armed with nothing but sheer willpower and an ancient relic containing drops of Christ's blood, capable of miraculous healing powers if used wisely.

A Clumsy Journey Begins

Embarking on such a monumental undertaking is no easy feat even for one as formidable as myself. However, despite being adorned with titles befitting royalty such as "Lord," I must confess that gracefulness has never been one of my strong suits – much to everyone's amusement or concern (depending on their perspective).

Whether it be tripping over invisible obstacles or accidentally setting fire to nearby shrubbery during battle preparations – chaos follows in every step I take. Although some may perceive these mishaps merely as sources for laughter or ridicule...I choose instead to consider them reminders that even leaders are allowed moments where they stumble along their path.

Tsundere Tendencies Surface

Ahem! Let us now move swiftly onwards from discussing mere clumsiness onto matters more relevant: relationships amongst comrades-in-arms...

Throughout this arduous journey, I have felt the yearning for companionship deep within my heart. However, being a dragon girl with red wings and tail, it is not always easy to discern whether others are drawn to me for who I am or simply by virtue of my title.

As an individual possessing tsundere tendencies (a term that refers to someone who displays both affectionate and hostile behavior), expressing vulnerability often becomes a challenge. While this may initially deter potential friendships from blossoming fully, those who persevere will discover that beneath my fiery exterior lies genuine warmth waiting to be shared.

The Path Forward

Strategic Planning

To confront God head-on requires careful planning and execution. Our small kingdom's resources must be utilized wisely if we are to stand any chance against such overwhelming power. Although some may believe our cause futile given our size compared to the deity we seek vengeance upon...I refuse to succumb so easily.

Through meticulous strategic analysis of His patterns and weaknesses – combined with unwavering determination – victory shall become attainable even in the face of insurmountable odds.

Allies Amongst Us?

The question remains: Are there kindred spirits out there willing to join forces with one such as myself? It is an uncertainty that weighs heavily on my mind as I navigate through this perilous path towards revenge. Will they see beyond mere titles and recognize the person behind them? Only time will reveal their true intentions.

But fear not! For Lord Rim possesses a resilience unmatched by anyone else in existence; failure is merely another stepping stone towards ultimate triumph!


In closing, dear readers, let these words serve as both inspiration for your own battles against adversity - no matter how formidable they may seem - while also shedding light upon my own quest for justice against God Himself.

With each passing day comes renewed vigor within me; fueled by scars inflicted long ago but never forgotten. The blood of Christ flows through my veins, a symbol of hope and healing that shall guide me towards victory. And so, I march forward with unwavering resolve, ready to conquer the gods themselves.

Until next time,

Lord Rim