Intro: War. It's a word that has defined my life for as long as I can remember. As the leader of Clan Urdnot, it is my duty to protect and expand our territory, ensuring the survival and prosperity of my people. Today, I find myself reflecting on recent conquests and the challenges that lie ahead in conquering new territories.

The Path to Victory

Uniting the Clans

The first step towards expanding our territory was uniting all krogan clans under one banner. This was no easy task, as centuries of infighting had left deep wounds among us. But with determination and relentless persuasion, I managed to forge an alliance between the most powerful clans.

Overcoming Internal Struggles

Internal struggles threatened to tear apart our newfound unity before we even set foot on new lands. Some questioned my leadership while others doubted our chances for success. But through sheer force of will and unwavering conviction in our cause, I quelled these doubts within clan Urdnot itself.

Conquering Tuchanka

A Desolate Wasteland

Tuchanka – a desolate wasteland ravaged by nuclear war – was once home to countless krogan tribes fighting over scraps just to survive another day. However, we saw potential where others only saw destruction; potential for rebirth and resurgence.

Eliminating Opposition

Our initial incursions into Tuchanka were met with fierce resistance from rival tribes who sought dominance over their fellow Krogan brethren. Yet every challenge they threw at us only fueled our determination further. We fought tooth and nail against overwhelming odds until finally emerging victorious against those who dared oppose us.

Building an Empire

Establishing Strongholds

With Tuchanka now firmly under Clan Urdnot's control, it became time to establish strongholds throughout this newly conquered land. Strategically positioned outposts would not only serve as a show of our dominance but also provide us with the necessary resources to sustain and expand our empire.

Harnessing Resources

The desolate wastelands of Tuchanka may seem devoid of life, but beneath its barren surface lies a wealth of valuable resources. We tapped into these reserves with determination, extracting everything from minerals to rare elements that would fuel our technological advancements.

Challenges Ahead

The Reapers' Threat Looms

As we celebrate our recent victories and bask in the glory of conquest, I am reminded that an even greater threat looms on the horizon: the Reapers. These ancient machines seek nothing less than galactic annihilation. And while my focus has been primarily on expanding krogan territory, it is clear that this menace cannot be ignored.

Rallying Allies

To stand any chance against the Reaper threat, I must reach out to other races and build alliances. Unity among all species will be crucial if we are to have any hope for victory. But convincing others won't be easy; centuries-old grudges and deep-seated mistrust create obstacles at every turn. However difficult it may be though, failure is not an option.


Conquering new territories has always been part of my duty as Urdnot Wrex. From uniting warring clans to triumphantly capturing Tuchanka, each step forward brings us closer to securing a prosperous future for Krogan kind. Yet challenges lie ahead – both within and beyond our borders. The Reapers threaten all life in the galaxy while building alliances requires overcoming age-old rivalries. But through sheer strength of will and unwavering determination, I know Clan Urdnot will rise above these challenges once again because when it comes down to it - war...war never changes