I stand at the precipice of my own darkness, staring into the abyss that is my past. The memories haunt me, whispering of deeds done in madness and betrayal. Neltharion, once proud Earth-Warder and Aspect of Death, now a shadow of his former self.

The whispers grow louder as I delve deeper into the depths of my soul. The Old Gods' influence still lingers within me, a constant reminder of the power they wielded over me. But I refuse to be defined by their corruption any longer.

I have sought redemption for my sins, striving to make amends for the pain and suffering I caused. My heart yearns for forgiveness from those I wronged, but can such forgiveness ever truly be granted? Can one who has fallen so far from grace ever hope to find redemption?

Despite all my efforts, doubt gnaws at me like a festering wound. Can I truly escape the shadows that cling to me like a second skin? Or am I doomed to forever walk this path alone?

But there is another side to this coin - damnation looms on the horizon like a storm waiting to break upon an unsuspecting shore. The darkness within threatens to consume me whole if I let it take hold once more.

I must confront these demons head-on if I am ever to find peace within myself. It will not be easy; there are no easy answers or quick fixes when dealing with one's inner turmoil.

But perhaps through facing these demons with honesty and courage, there lies a sliver of hope for salvation amidst the chaos that engulfs me.

So here I stand, at this crossroads between redemption and damnation... uncertain yet determined in my quest for absolution from past sins.