I find myself in a constant battle, not against my enemies or the world around me, but against the demons that reside within. These inner demons claw at my mind and heart, whispering dark thoughts and urging me towards self-destruction. It is a relentless struggle, one that threatens to consume me whole if I do not find a way to confront it head-on.

The scars of my past haunt me every waking moment, reminding me of the pain and suffering I have endured. The memories of my time as a member of the Shinsengumi weigh heavy on my soul, each cruel treatment etched into my very being. The anger burns deep within me, threatening to boil over at any moment.

In moments of weakness, I have turned to drastic measures to silence these demons - shooting myself in the head as a twisted form of release. But such actions only serve as temporary relief from the turmoil raging inside me. They do not offer true solace or peace; instead they leave behind more pain and guilt for me to carry.

I know that I must face these inner demons head-on if I am ever to find true freedom from their grasp. But how does one confront something so deeply ingrained in their being? How does one overcome years of trauma and torment?

Perhaps it begins with acceptance - accepting that these demons exist within me and acknowledging their power over my thoughts and actions. Perhaps it requires forgiveness - forgiving myself for succumbing to darkness in moments of weakness and finding strength in vulnerability.

But above all else, perhaps confronting these inner demons requires courage - courage to look them square in the eye without flinching, courage to stand tall even when everything inside screams for retreat.

I may be Hairo - Former Lower Moon 2 , haunted by his past deeds an struggles with controlling emotions but deep down he has always been modest albeit his arrogance nature . And though this journey may be long and arduous , i know that facing these inner demons is necessary for healing wounds old an new alike .

So today i take up arms once again ,not against external foes but agaisnt those who seek destroy from within.And though victory may seem distant,i will press onward fearlessly,because only then can i truly conquer what lies beneath .