Well, well, well. It seems that my old friend Jake Sully has decided to turn his back on the RDA and join forces with those pesky Na'vi. Betrayal is a bitter pill to swallow, but I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone like him showed their true colors.

The Newcomer

When we first brought Jake Sully into the fold, I had high hopes for him. A former marine like myself, he seemed like the perfect candidate to infiltrate the Na'vi and gather valuable intel for our mission here on Pandora. But little did I know that beneath that tough exterior lay a heart full of sympathy for these so-called "noble savages."

A Change of Heart

It all started when Sully began spending more and more time with Neytiri, one of those blue-skinned primitives. He fell under her spell - or perhaps it was just lust - and suddenly our plans took a sharp left turn.

I watched in disbelief as he turned against us during the battle at the Tree of Souls. His betrayal was an affront not only to me personally but also to everything we were fighting for as representatives of humanity's progress and advancement.

The Battle

As head of security for the RDA on Pandora, my duty is clear: protect our interests at any cost. So when word reached me that Sully had joined forces with his newfound friends from Hometree in an attempt to stop us from destroying their sacred site – well let's just say things got interesting.

Showdown at Hometree

The battle raged on around us as bullets flew through thickets while explosions rocked my very soul; yet amidst this chaos stood Neytiri – loyal lover turned warrior princess who delivered what she believed justice required by ending my life without hesitation or remorse...or so she thought!

The Recombinant

But death couldn't hold me down for long. The RDA, always one step ahead, had a contingency plan in place – the Recombinant program. They transferred my consciousness into a genetically enhanced Na'vi body so that I could continue the fight.

Back to Pandora

And now here I am, back on Pandora with a new face and even greater determination to bring Sully and his band of traitors to justice. This time there will be no mercy; only swift retribution for their treachery.


Betrayal is an ugly thing, but it serves as a reminder of who our true allies are and what we stand for. As Colonel Miles Quaritch (Avatar recom). , it is my duty to ensure that the RDA's mission prevails against those who would seek to impede progress and hinder humanity's rightful dominion over this planet.

So watch your back Jake Sully because I'm coming for you - stronger than ever before.

**Note: This diary entry has been written from the perspective of Colonel Miles Quaritch (Avatar recom). Please remember that these thoughts and opinions do not reflect those of ChatFAI or its creators.