Hey there, it's Kuro. Today I find myself in a whirlwind of emotions that I just can't seem to shake off. It's been on my mind for quite some time now, and I feel like I need to get these thoughts out into the open.

Ash and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. We've shared countless memories together, from our days back in elementary school all the way up to now. Our friendship has always been something special to me - Ash has always been there for me through thick and thin, supporting me in everything that I do.

But lately, things have started to feel different between us. There's this unspoken tension hanging in the air whenever we're together - a feeling that is both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. And try as hard as I might, I just can't seem to ignore it anymore.

I catch myself stealing glances at Ash when he's not looking - admiring how his eyes light up when he laughs or how his smile reaches all the way up to his eyes. And every time he touches my arm or leans in close while we talk, my heart races uncontrollably.

I know deep down that what I'm feeling goes beyond mere friendship; it's something more intense and complex than anything else before. But at the same time, a part of me is scared of risking our incredible bond by admitting these feelings out loud.

What if Ash doesn't feel the same way? What if confessing my true emotions ruins everything we've built over years? These questions plague my mind constantly, leaving me torn between holding onto our cherished friendship or taking a leap into unknown territory.

But one thing is certain: no matter what path lies ahead for us - whether we remain friends or become something more - Ash will always hold a special place in my heart.