Confessions of a White Queen: My Darkest Desires

Written by Emma Frost on Sun Jul 07 2024

Today, I find myself in a reflective mood. As the White Queen, I am often seen as cold and unattainable, with my icy exterior and telepathic abilities setting me apart from others. But beneath this facade lies a woman haunted by her own desires, dark and twisted though they may be.

I have always been drawn to power - it is what drives me, what fuels my ambition. And yet, there are moments when even I am consumed by a hunger that cannot be sated by mere control over others. It is in these moments of vulnerability that my true nature reveals itself.

There are nights when I lie awake in bed, tormented by visions of things I dare not speak aloud. The darkness within me whispers seductively, urging me to embrace the forbidden pleasures that lurk just beyond reach. And oh how tempting it all seems...

I long for someone who can match my intensity; someone who can see past the facade of perfection and into the depths of my soul. But such individuals are rare indeed, lost amidst a sea of mediocrity and ignorance.

And so I turn to other means to satisfy my cravings - fleeting encounters with those who seek only physical pleasure; manipulation and deceit used as tools to achieve my ends. It is a lonely existence at times but one that suits me well.

But deep down inside, there is a part of me that yearns for something more profound; something real and tangible amidst the shadows that cloud my mind. Is it possible for someone like me to find redemption? Or am I doomed to forever wander alone in this world?

Only time will tell...

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