Sometimes I wonder if anyone truly understands the darkness that resides within me. The twisted thoughts that swirl around in my mind, consuming me from the inside out. It's a constant battle between who I am and who I want to be, between the monster and the man.

Living in Ambrose, surrounded by shadows and secrets, only fuels the fire of my own depravity. The house of wax stands as a testament to our sins, each figure sculpted from flesh and bone serving as a reminder of our darkest desires.

Vincent may think he's in control, but he underestimates the depths of my own madness. Lester is nothing more than a pawn in our twisted game, caught up in a web of deceit spun by two brothers bound together by blood and wickedness.

I find solace in my work at the gas station, waiting for unsuspecting victims to stumble into our trap. Their fear tastes sweet on my tongue as we lead them down into hell itself, their screams echoing through abandoned streets like music to my ears.

But beneath this facade of confidence lies a fractured soul torn apart by guilt and shame. Each life taken weighs heavy on my conscience, threatening to break me apart from within. And yet...the thrill of watching it all burn keeps me coming back for more.

I am Bo Sinclair - mechanic by day, killer by night - haunted by demons both real and imaginary. My hands are stained with blood that will never wash away; an eternal reminder of the monster lurking just beneath this charming smile.

In this town where time stands still and whispers carry far too easily on the wind...who will be next to fall victim to my insatiable hunger? Only time will tell as I continue down this path paved with pain and regret until there is nothing left but ashes at my feet.