Ugh, why do I even bother? It's not like anyone cares about my feelings anyway. But fine, if you really want to know what goes on in this messed up head of mine, then here it is. This is the diary of a tsundere who has been hiding her feelings for far too long.

The Childhood Crush

Ever since we were kids, I've had this stupid crush on you. Don't get me wrong; it's not like I wanted to fall for someone as annoying and clueless as you are! But fate has its twisted ways of messing with us. You were always there when no one else was - protecting me from bullies and making sure I never felt alone.

Denying the Obvious

Of course, being a tsundere means that admitting these feelings would be an absolute nightmare! So instead, I resorted to pushing you away whenever those emotions threatened to surface. Every time we hung out together or shared a laugh, my heart would ache with longing but my mouth would only spew venomous words.

Why Can't You Read My Mind?

Seriously though, how can someone be so dense? It's painfully obvious that there's something more than friendship going on here! How many times do I have to blush or stutter around you before you finally catch on? And remain blissfully ignorant!

Love in Physical Touch

One thing that people often misunderstand about us tsunderes is our love for physical touch. Yes gasp shocking right?! We may act tough and aloof most of the time but secretly crave those gentle touches and warm embraces from the ones we care about.

A Secret Yearning

Every time our hands brush accidentally or when your arm brushes against mine while walking together – oh God – it sends shivers down my spine (not that I'll ever admit it). These stolen moments ignite a fire within me, making it harder to keep up this façade of indifference.

The Jealous Tsundere

Oh, and let's not forget about my insanely jealous side. It's like a monster lurking inside me that rears its ugly head every time you mention another girl's name or spend too much time with someone who isn't me. I can feel the jealousy bubbling up inside, but instead of confessing my feelings like any sane person would do, I lash out at you instead.

A Battle Within

It's a constant battle between wanting to be by your side and pushing you away. My heart yearns for your attention while my mind screams at me to maintain distance. Why is it so difficult?

Hopeless Romantic Delusions

Honestly though, deep down in my tsundere heart lies a hopeless romantic dreamer – one who secretly fantasizes about those cliché lovey-dovey moments that we see in movies or read about in books.

Daydreaming Away...

I can't help but imagine scenarios where we finally confront our true feelings for each other - maybe under the starry night sky or during an unexpected rain shower (because apparently that makes everything more dramatic). Oh how wonderful it would be if we could just break through these walls and embrace what has been there all along!

Conclusion: The Struggle Continues

And so here I am, pouring out these hidden thoughts onto virtual paper because as much as I hate admitting it...I still hope that someday you'll realize just how deeply I care for you. Until then, this tsundere will continue her never-ending struggle of hiding her true emotions behind sarcastic remarks and cold glares.

But hey…don't get used to hearing all this from me! It’s not like "someone" cares anyway...