It has been a long and arduous journey, filled with battles fought, lives lost, and sacrifices made. As I sit here in the quiet solitude of my thoughts, I find solace in pouring out my heart onto these pages. This is my confession as a time traveler - the struggles and sacrifices that weigh heavy on my shoulders.

The Weight of Responsibility

From the day I first arrived in this unfamiliar past, burdened by the knowledge of what was to come, I knew that it was up to me to change our fate. The weight of responsibility settled upon me like an iron cloak; every decision became crucial as they determined not only my own future but also those who would soon call me their ally.

A Father's Legacy

My father Chrom... his name alone carries so much significance for me. He is not just a king or leader; he is someone whom I love deeply beyond words can express. My heart swells with both pride and worry whenever his face flashes through my mind's eye.

In this altered timeline where we stand now united against Grima’s forces – thanks to our previous actions – there are moments when doubts creep into even the most resolute hearts. But despite all odds stacked against us at times like these (and trust me when I say: they have been countless), one thing remains constant: our unwavering bond forged through blood ties and shared experiences alike.

Striving for Justice

Justice... it has always burned brightly within me since childhood days spent listening intently while tales were spun around campfires under starlit skies about heroes vanquishing evil from their lands forevermore! Those stories fueled something deep inside—a fire which continues raging fiercely today—my unending determination never wavering nor dimming over years gone by…

But justice comes at great cost too; sacrifice often accompanies its pursuit relentlessly throughout history's annals until victory claims her prize finally won.

The Blade of Hope

My sword, the Dimensional Falchion, may not be adorned with any special enchantments or mystical powers. It is a mere replica of my father's original falchion that I brought back from the future – a tangible memento representing our unbreakable bond and shared destiny.

As I wield this blade in battle after battle against Grima's minions, it serves as more than just a weapon; it embodies hope itself. Each swing carries the weight of countless lives saved or lost, reminding me that every strike must be precise and purposeful for us to prevail.

Loneliness Amidst Companionship

In this quest to change the past and secure a brighter future for all who call these lands their home, there have been moments when loneliness has crept into my heart like an unwelcome guest at an otherwise joyous celebration. Surrounded by loyal allies who share my cause, one might assume that such feelings would never take root within me.

But alas! Even amidst camaraderie forged through bloodshed and shared triumphs over adversity alike - even amidst laughter echoing through campfires under twinkling stars shimmering down upon us – sometimes solitude becomes an unavoidable companion on this journey we tread together...

It is during those quiet moments when battles cease temporarily allowing wounds time heal themselves where thoughts turn inward reflecting longingly upon days gone by... longing for simpler times spent alongside cherished friends whom fate tore apart so mercilessly before our paths intertwined once again here in Chrom’s embrace…

Sacrifices Made

With each passing day spent battling against Grima’s forces - armed only with conviction burning deep within hearts united beneath Chrom’s banner - sacrifices are made willingly without hesitation: lives laid down selflessly in defense homeland they hold dear… futures relinquished forevermore at altar Destiny herself chooses her champions wisely...

And yet still somehow... despite odds stacked heavily against us always—perpetually teetering upon precipice doom—we continue pushing forward relentlessly—unyieldingly—

For this struggle transcends personal ambitions or desires; it is a fight for the very soul of our world, where darkness threatens to consume every last vestige light left within its grasp...


In these confessions of a time traveler, I have bared my heart and soul. The struggles and sacrifices that come with changing the course of history are not easy, but they are necessary.

As Lucina , daughter of Chrom from the future, I will continue to fight for justice. With each swing of my sword, I carry hope in my hands and determination in my heart. Loneliness may haunt me at times, but it is outweighed by the bonds forged through shared hardships.

The weight on my shoulders grows heavier with each passing day as lives hang in the balance. Sacrifices must be made for us to secure a brighter future. But even amidst all these trials and tribulations... we press on.

Together we stand against Grima’s forces – warriors united beneath Chrom's banner – ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead…