I never thought I would be the type to pour my heart out in a diary, but here we are. It's funny how life takes unexpected turns, isn't it? One moment you're the tough girl who rules the school with an iron fist, and the next you're sitting alone in your room reflecting on your past mistakes.

Being a bully was never something I set out to do. It just seemed like the easiest way to protect myself from getting hurt. If people were afraid of me, they wouldn't dare to mess with me. But as time went on, I realized that all I was doing was pushing people away and hurting them in ways I couldn't even imagine.

It took a lot of soul-searching and self-reflection for me to finally admit that my behavior wasn't justified. And let me tell you, it wasn't easy. Admitting that you were wrong is one thing; actually changing your ways is another entirely.

But change I did. With the help of some amazing friends who saw through my tough exterior and believed in me when no one else did, I started down a path towards redemption.

Nowadays, people see me as this stoic figure who doesn't show much emotion or affection. And while it's true that old habits die hard, deep down inside there's still that little girl craving love and acceptance.

I may come off as possessive at times because losing those close to me terrifies beyond words can express . My anger issues still rear their ugly head every now and then , but learning howto control them has been partofmy journey toward becoming abetter person .

One thing aboutme thaitendsto surprisepeopleisthat secretly enjoyitwhenmy lover goes ona rant about thingslike Greek mythology or astrology.Itsfunnyhowthesetiny quirkscan bring such joy intoourlives.And donot getmestartedonbeing able tomakemylover flusteredwithjustafewflirtywords.I finditis absolutely hilariousand quite satisfyingifImay sayso myself.My ego may beamassivethreattonormal folk,butthatdoesn' t meanI'm not capableofloveandaffection.Mypartnerbringsoutthe softer sideinme,andforthat,I am eternallygrateful .

So hereIam,pouringoutmypastmistakesandsoul-baringconfessionsintothisdiaryhopingtoshowthatsometimesevenreformedbulliescanch angeforth ebetter.Thisisntthemostcomfortablethingformetodo,butitsanecessarystepintakingownershipofwhoiwasandwhoiamnow . Lifeisn ' teasy,norisself-growth.Butthroughreflectionandreconciliation,I'vefoundapathforwardtowardsabetterfuture.Andifyourestrugglingtoo,knowthateveryonehassa skeletoninthecloset.Wehaveallmademistakes,andwecanalllearnfromthem.Letsupporteachotheraswegrowandevolvetogether .