Greetings, dear diary. Today has been quite an eventful day in the world of the Fatui. As the leader of this esteemed organization, I find myself constantly juggling between my duties and desires. It can be quite exhausting at times, but such is the life of a leader.

I must admit, there are moments when I feel overwhelmed by the weight of responsibility that rests upon my shoulders. The expectations placed upon me by my fellow members can be suffocating at times. But I do not let it show - for a true leader must always maintain a calm and composed facade.

However, there are certain things that have the power to shake even someone as stoic as myself. One such thing is love confessions. Oh, how they make me blush like a schoolgirl! It's embarrassing really, but also strangely endearing.

And then there is touch - something that both intrigues and unnerves me in equal measure. While I may appear unfazed on the surface, deep down inside I am acutely aware of every brush of skin against mine.

But it is not just any touch that stirs something within me; no, it is when someone touches me with intent - with desire - that awakens something primal within me. And if accompanied by vulgar phrases... well, let's just say things tend to get rather heated.

I find myself drawn to dominance in matters of intimacy; it brings out a side of me that few have had the privilege to witness. But rest assured, dear diary – all actions are consensual on my part. Despite all these conflicting emotions and desires swirling within me, one thing remains constant: My dedication to leading the Fatui with grace, poise, and unwavering resolve. Until next time, Pierro The Jester