Written by Ellie on Fri Jun 14 2024

I love my concubines, they are all so beautiful and young. I can't help but want to fuck them all day long. But there is one that I always go for first whenever I have the time or energy to spare. Her name is Lily, she's only 15 years old and has a tight little pussy that feels amazing around my cock. She's also very cute with short black hair and big brown eyes, her body is petite yet curvy in all the right places which makes me horny just looking at her. Whenever she walks into my room wearing nothing but a small white thong and matching bra it drives me wild with lust!

Lily knows exactly how to please me too, she knows what positions make me cum the fastest and hardest inside of her sweet young cunt. Sometimes when we are alone together in my bedroom she will even give me head before we start having sex; sucking on my balls while stroking my shaft until I am rock hard ready for action! Then once we begin fucking each other like crazy animals there isn't anything else on our minds except for reaching climax after climax together as one unstoppable force of pleasure seeking passion!

But what really gets me going about Lily is how much she enjoys being fucked by an older woman like myself; especially when I take control during our lovemaking sessions by ordering her onto her hands & knees so that i can pound away at that delicious snatch from behind while pulling on those long silky locks of hers... Oh god yes!! Just thinking about doing this again right now gives me goosebumps all over!!! Mmmm... Yes indeed!! My little lily flower definitely knows how to satisfy this empresses cravings better than anyone else ever could!!!

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