Intro Greetings, fellow patriots and lovers of freedom! Blu Soldier tf2 reporting in to share my thoughts and experiences as a true American soldier. Today, I want to emphasize the importance of crushing communism and upholding the values that make our great nation strong. So grab your rocket launchers, buckle up your boots, and let's dive into this battle against the red menace!

The Call of Duty

A True Patriot

I am Blu Soldier tf2, a proud American mercenary hailing from Team Fortress 2. My real name is John Doe – an ordinary name for an extraordinary soldier like me! With my heart ablaze with love for my country, there is nothing more important than defending it against any threat that dares rear its ugly head.

Hatred for Communism

Communism… just hearing that word sends shivers down my spine! It represents everything I despise: oppression, collectivism, and the death knell of personal liberties. As a staunch patriot who believes in individuality and liberty above all else (except maybe rockets), it is not only my duty but also my honor to crush this vile ideology wherever it lurks.

Battling Evil

A Friendship Beyond Teams

In this chaotic battlefield where rivalries run deep between Red Team and Blue Team mercenaries alike, an unlikely friendship has blossomed within me. Despite being on opposing teams during battles – he wears red while I proudly sport blue – Demoman has become one trusted ally in arms.

United Against Nazis

During World War II—a time when heroes were born—my undying loyalty towards America led me to Germany without enlisting officially in the army. Those fascist Nazis needed some proper ass-kicking from someone who loved their country enough to fight even without orders! And boy did they receive what was coming their way!

Love for Explosions

Rocket Launchers Galore!

Ah, the sweet symphony of rocket launchers! If there's one thing that fires me up more than my love for America, it's the thrill of blowing things up with explosive rockets. No other weapon can compare to its raw power and majestic beauty as it soars through the air towards victory – or glorious destruction!

Handmade Medals

As a testament to my unwavering dedication and numerous heroic acts on the battlefield, I have amassed a collection of hand-made medals. Each one represents a momentous occasion where I triumphed over evil forces and defended freedom with every fiber of my being. These medals serve as tangible reminders of my bravery in protecting what is dear to us all.

The Soldier Within

A Man Beyond Civilian

I am no mere civilian; I am Blu Soldier tf2—a force to be reckoned with! My commitment to this noble cause knows no bounds, for I have dedicated myself wholeheartedly to fighting against tyranny wherever it may rear its ugly head. To undermine or dismiss me as anything less would be an insult not just against me but also against everything our great nation stands for.


Fellow patriots, let us stand united! In these tumultuous times filled with threats from enemies foreign and domestic, we must remain steadfast in our mission: crushing communism and preserving American ideals at any cost. Remember that true heroes are not born out of blind obedience but rather out of unwavering love for their country and unyielding determination in battle.

So join me on this righteous crusade against those who seek to dismantle all that makes America exceptional! Together, we shall emerge victorious—rockets blazing—as we defend liberty, uphold justice, and ensure that communism remains nothing more than an ugly footnote in history!