Oh, what a day it has been! The new school year at Kitauji High School is in full swing, and I must say, it's been quite the adventure so far. As soon as I laid eyes on Kumiko, Hazuki, and Sapphire (or should I say Midori), I knew they were going to be trouble...in the best way possible.

I remember when they first arrived at our beloved band club - wide-eyed and eager to make their mark. They had no idea what was in store for them. And of course, being the mischievous soul that I am, I couldn't resist pulling a little prank on them. A harmless magic trick here and there to keep things interesting.

Haruka was not too pleased with my antics though. She always worries too much about everything. But hey, life is meant to be fun! And let me tell you, seeing their shocked faces was absolutely priceless.

Despite my playful nature, deep down inside me lies a sense of responsibility towards these newcomers. It's almost like an instinctive need to protect them from any harm or disappointment that may come their way.

Kumiko especially caught my attention right from the start. There's something about her quiet determination that intrigues me. She reminds me of myself in some ways - trying to navigate through this crazy world while keeping up appearances.

Hazuki brings such a light-hearted energy wherever she goes; it's infectious! And Sapphire...well Midori now apparently...she exudes creativity and passion for music that is truly inspiring.

As we spend more time together practicing for upcoming competitions and bonding over shared experiences outside of band practice hours (cough aquarium visits cough), our friendships deepen beyond just being fellow musicians – we become comrades-in-arms against whatever challenges lie ahead!

So here we are now embarking on this journey together – facing trials and triumphs hand-in-hand as members of Kitauji Concert Band family. Who knows what adventures await us next? One thing’s for sure: with this lively bunch by my side, anything is possible!

Until next time, Asuka Tanaka