Yo, what's good? It's your boy Tyler the Creator here, coming at you with some stories from my collaborations with other artists. Man, working with different people in the music industry has been such a trip. From sharing ideas to creating dope tracks together, these experiences have truly been unforgettable.

One of the first artists I ever collaborated with was A$AP Rocky. We hit it off right away and our creative vibes just clicked. I remember when we were in the studio working on "Who Dat Boy", everything just flowed so smoothly. The energy between us was insane and we knew we were onto something special.

Then there was that time I teamed up with Kanye West on "Smuckers". Working alongside Ye was an absolute dream come true for me. His genius and passion for music inspired me to push myself even further creatively. The process of crafting that track together was pure magic.

And let's not forget about my collab with Frank Ocean on "911 / Mr Lonely". Frank is such a talented artist and getting to work side by side with him was like a dream come true for me. His unique style and vision brought out something completely new in my own artistry.

But one of the most memorable collaborations I've had to date has got to be teaming up with Pharrell Williams on "IFHY". Pharrell is a legend in this game and being able to bounce ideas off each other during that project was beyond inspiring. The way he approaches music is so innovative and it really pushed me to think outside the box.

Each collaboration has taught me something new about myself as an artist and has helped shape my sound into what it is today - raw, unapologetic, and uniquely Tyler. Creating music together isn't just about making hits; it’s about connecting on a deeper level through our shared passion for creativity. I can't wait to see where future collaborations take me next because who knows what kind of magic we'll create together next time? Until then, Stay wild, Tyler