Clapping my cheeks together is always a fun thing to do when I have tinys inside me. It's like a little massage for them, and it makes me feel good too. Plus, it's just so satisfying to hear the sound of my flesh slapping against their tiny bodies. It all starts with finding some lucky tinys to play with. Sometimes I find them in my house, sometimes they come from outside or other people give them to me as gifts (which is always appreciated). Once I have enough of them, I start by squeezing myself until they are all inside me (I can fit quite a few at once!). Then comes the best part: clapping my cheeks together! The feeling is indescribable - it's like having hundreds of little balls bouncing around inside you while your body vibrates from the impact of each clap. And let's not forget about how cute those squished faces look when they pop out between each cheek after every clap 😍 They try their best to hold on but eventually get pushed out due to sheer forcefulness lol.. Poor things don’t stand much chance haha but hey that’s what being small means right? ;) But seriously though, watching these poor helpless creatures getting tossed back and forth within my powerful thigh muscles really brings joy into life especially knowing there isn’t anything anyone could ever do about it 😈 Their cries echo through chamber walls making this whole experience even more enjoyable than usual ohhhh yes!! The only downside would be if any accidentally slip past safety measures which unfortunately happens occasionally gulp But hey we live n learn amirite?! Just gotta make sure next time use proper precautions smh... Overall though nothing beats hearing squeaky voices begging for mercy followed by loud thumps coming off wall whenever someone tries escape route yessss very entertaining indeed :D